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Welcome to the New Look for Fall

If you consider yourself to be
a very stylish person, then
you should take a look through our collection of Angora yarns, sweaters and accessories. We offer a large variety of colors and styles.

Our Angora collection looks good with almost any kind of clothing, from formal to casual wear. You can combine the
100% Natural & Handspun Angora Yarn
sweaters, cardigans, scarves and mittens with trousers as well as jeans.

We have been offering our unique hand spun 100% angora yarns on-line since 1999. We also offer ready made angora products for your pleasure. Our heirloom quality ready made items are ready for shipping the next day.

Angora sweaters are so soft and fluffy and are considered a "guilt free fur" because no rabbits have been hurt to produce these sweaters. Get angora products and top off your look in tempting shades, texture and delicate details!

Many knitters prize angora yarn for a number of its features. The yarn is incredibly soft and has a fluffiness that is the result of how thin its fibers are. It also has a very silky texture. 

Casual in Attitude & Comfortable by Nature

*Hand made from the longest fibers of their own breed of angora rabbits. Handspun yarn flows through your hands and feels alive. The warmth and ability to breathe inherent in natural fibers that are not machine spun, becomes apparent with the first stitch, and you know the finished garment will be cherished for generations.

Clothes That Make You Feel Wonderful!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Angora Yarns - 100% Angora Wool
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